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I'm really impressed!

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Please be aware there's a bug in the highscore table still in 1.2... if you get the highest score on the highscore then the scores don't get pushed down properly.  I'll need to make a patch and release a v1.3

1.3 is now available. Highscores should be fixed now!

Lowest line of play screen also looks buggy if you watched the score table before.

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I've seen the issue, and fixed it and uploaed a fix for it a few days ago - I'm not sure but maybe caches old files or something.. could you try a new download and see if it's fixed for you?  I've noticed you're not the only one who's seen this bug either. Thanks for playing and letting me know.

edit: I see the issue too, ye it's after you play the game once - I'll patch it in the next release, thanks again.

Should be fixed now with v1.2


There's a small bug, I think: In the options menu, you still can go to an invisible 4th option.

(well done otherwise, maybe you can add a highscore save feature, so the crackers don't have to :)

Would be strange to hide that in the options. ;-)

thank you! I used to have a 3rd option, thought i'd cleaned it up

Thank you, should be fixed now (v1.2)