v1.1 Get RNG

Patch Notes

- Adds RNG to Game Tick time duration - matched as close as possible to the original handheld

- Fixes RNG for crate spawns

- F7 To Pause

V1.1 was a major update to the Game Engine

- The RNG which decides if a cement crate should spawn full was bugged, it was not spawning enough full cements so gameplay was a lot slower than it should be.  This update fixed the RNG and made sure cements would spawn 50% of the time.

- Game Ticks... The timer that executed game ticks was fixed.. every 25 frames a game tick would occur, but when I played the original handheld and recorded the gameplay, I discovered that game tick duration was slightly randomised.  This update introduced RNG to the game tick duration.

- Game Speed was also modified to be authentic to the original - I could only time up to 1095 points in the handheld as that's my best score  currently.

- I also added a pause function which you can activate by pressing F7


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54 days ago
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